The town Plyos - hotels. A private hotel in Plyos "Volga-Volga" at your service.

The town of Plyos, that celebrated its 600th anniversary in the summer of 2010, has long been famous for holding various events. The Russian Fashion Festival "Linen Palette", "Mushroom Festival" Jazz Festivals and "Shalyapin evening" take place here. Since the end of XIX-th century Plyos has become quiet summer resort very attractive for Moscow and St. Petersburg residents. Just then the townspeople began to hire out their houses and rooms, and the first private hotels appeared.

Today Hotels of Plyos provide guests with modern conveniences and comfort in the cozy atmosphere of antiquity. Our private hotel in Plyos "Volga-Volga" is a special touch of color of the smallest cities of the Golden Ring. Our guests have a feeling of deep respect to the past, it is possible to travel back to your childhood and find yourself at your grandmother’s place for a few days.

Pure artesian water from our own well, fresh air, healthy and natural village food make our guests come back here again and again. The private hotel rooms are decorated in different styles: Russian boudoir, Forest Room, Swiss chalet (Plyos is sometimes called the "Russian Switzerland" because of the large number of high hills and mountainous areas). There is also an overseas room as a reminder of first Russian traveler A. Nikitin went to study distant countries down the Volga.

Гостиницы Плеса

The pride of the private hotel in Plyos "Volga-Volga" is a living room with a fireplace, made in the style of an old merchant of glaze tiles, according to the design of some old Russian masters. What can be more pleasant than a cup of flavorous tea or a glass of hot mulled wine in the evening at a real fire? The warmth of the fireplace, antique furniture and home comfort give a sense of simplicity of village life in a comfortable and familiar environment for the city dweller. You will be pleasantly surprised at prices at this Plyos hotel and you will surely notice feature a private hotel Plyos "Volga-Volga" has, but which is lacking today in Russian province: the ratio of European quality and prices.

Another our advantage among other hotels in Plyos – there is a mini library in almost every room. Bookshelves are located in the public domain near rooms. Our library will please you with books for all tastes: Plyos through the eyes of different authors, Russian and foreign classics, contemporary crime novels and historical novels.

From the balconies and terraces of  our hotel the town Plyos will appear before your eyes with its quiet paved streets, lush green of Levitan mountain, mysterious smooth surface of the river mouth Shohonka and unforgettable scenery of the Volga, rolling its slowly flows into the azure horizon. The location of the hotel in Plyos is a walking distance to the descent of Mount Liberty, one of the main tourist routes; proximity to the Levitan museum and the embankment turns the private hotel "Volga-Volga" into a convenient starting point for excursions to the reach.