The town of Plyos of the Ivanovo region. Plyos and its sights.

Plyos sights are a variety of interesting and informative routes designed for all ages. Certainly, ecological route attracts the largest number of tourists to the city. Plyos is an open air museum, and it has the status of the town-reserve. The main attractions in Plyos are the next: gentle Russian nature, exquisite scenery, numerous parks, and, of course, the river Volga. From the top of Cathedral Mountain and "official place" closed under restoration visible artistic bend of the river and the incredible beauty of the tops of the churches, the kind of "live Tretyakov Gallery", as in the paintings of the great Levitan can be seen.

Since ancient times, Plyos (Ivanovo region) has been constructed like the other Russian towns - fortress, followed by posad and then a settlement. The town stands on high hills and has a very unusual topography, but despite the difficult landscape Plyos still preserves the historical layout, developed in the 17-18 centuries. At present it is its main difference from other ancient Russian cities. Nothing is build here on Cathedral Hill they only restore monuments and sustain life of old trees, which, according to legend of local residents are about 150 years old. Up to now walking along the winding alleys (previously citizens called them boulevards) of Cathedral Mountain is a favorite pastime plesyan and guests. The view of the Volga has not changed, in spite of the construction of the Gorky Reservoir in Soviet times, there is the previous course of the river and the same water level. Going for a walk along the promenade Plyos (Ivanovo region), "Levitan grove", cedar or oak groves is a treat for those who come here to enjoy nature, sunrises, sunsets and just enjoy the fresh air of the Volga.

Educational Sites of Plyos are two art museums. The museum of Russian landscape with collections of original paintings of Levitan, Shishkin, Savrasov and other famous artists. Today, the museum organizes themed exhibitions – sales of works contemporary artists and masters of national crafts. The second museum, that is I.I Levitan Memorial Museum, is opened in the same house where the artist lived and worked. Two museums in a small town of three thousand people - is also sights Reach.

Historic Sites of Plyos are seen as soon as you enter the town. There are six churches and the bells of every church in the city spreads tender trembling sounds on holidays and weekends. The city preserved and restored the Old Church - Resurrection, the Assumption Cathedral, the Resurrection of Christ and St. Barbara.

Of particular interest are Sites of Plyos, if you go on a tour on foot. A professional guide will meet you on the steps of our private hotel, conduct along the cobbled streets of the town, past the lace frames Plyos houses will tell you where Levitan (and his friends) lived and worked, he will show you the modern monument to a country woman and a cat, "a rock of love" and the winter "sweet mountain", Catholic hill and the museum of Russian art. Many places of interest in Plyos preserved from the time when the city was a well-known and favorite place in Moscow and St. Petersburg Truckers of 18-19 century. Today the city has been changing qualitatively, thanks to the governor of the Ivanovo region M. Men’, to the town and the museum administration, a huge number of ancient monuments are being restored in Plyos. Through these changes it is easy to trace past life of the town and its inhabitants, present and, what is most importantly, the future. Every day Plyos (Ivanovo region) is transforming, filling with interesting events and people, holidays and festivals, the outer and the inner world of the town is changing for the better and decent way.