Vacation on the Volga River

Vacation on the Volga River is a great opportunity to enhance your strength, and have a good spare time.

Summer vacation on the Volga

If you feel like going on holidays to the Volga River in summer, where else to go, if not to the bank of the Volga. In summer period the town-reserve changes into the town museum under the open sky. There are good walks, bike rides to a picnic or barbecue.

Family holidays on the Volga in summer are wonderful and informative sightseeing trips on the river, offering to be made on a boat or catamaran. In order to rest on the bank of the Volga more comfortably, the City administration has converted, enlarged and decorated the town sandy beach where you can spend the whole day near the water. A variety of summer sports: badminton, volleyball, table tennis will not let get bored if you arrive at the bank of the Volga with your children. The middle Volga is a wonderful place where a variety of leisure activities have been developing over the years. Many types of tourism, such as ethnic, pilgrim, environmental, gastronomic and country have recently become very popular.

Family holiday on the Volga with children is becoming more attractive and interesting year after year. In summer period holidaymakers are pleased with rest in the open air. For example, during the "Linen palette" festival the river turns into a catwalk, holiday Theatre presents performances involving Plyos’ citizens, as it used to be in old and good times, the jazz festival attracts celebrities from the capital, and the Andrei Tarkovsky film festival provides an opportunity to review your favorite movies.

Vacation on the Volga River in the winter

Many people prefer relaxing on the Volga River in winter. There are entertainments for everyone here: different kind of sports and activities, as well as the ability to have a calm, quiet and comfortable family holiday on the Volga with kids or company.

There is joyful news for those who prefer active rest: ski slope with a lift, ski and snowboard rental has been opened, a cafe "Polar Hamster" with warming mulled wine and barbecue, camp kasha, coffee and tea. The cafe is a comfortable and cozy space and no doubt that the fully family holiday on the Volga with children or a company is guaranteed. It is worth noting an important detail: the descent has been built on the natural slopes of the Volga, with no artificial embankments.

For fans of cross country skiing, a great ski resort is opened. The bank of the Volga in winter is visited for white snow and frosty air. Even in Soviet times the track was famous all over Russia for its 10 km’s length. Just imagine skiing, magnificent Russian landscapes, fresh air, sunshine, and then - crackling wood in the fireplace, hot tea, coffee or a delicious homemade dinner.

The rest on the bank of the Volga guarantees to keep the traditional Russian sledding down the hills, because there are many mountains and small hills designed for different age groups in the area.

Lovers of ice skating have the opportunity to have a good time at the rink Plyos; skates can be rented or you can bring your own.

The rest on the bank of the Volga in winter is a great holiday: people can spend many winter festivities at weekends and holidays, and they organize travel to snowy woods, skiing, snowmobiling, sledding down the hills, ice skating and excursions.

And, of course, it is impossible to imagine a good rest on the bank of the Volga without Russian bath, it is important not to miss the opportunity to relax in the sauna with Chuvilkin spring or in an ordinary Russian sauna with brooms and herbal teas. Relaxation in the bath, then bathing in the ice hole are great ways to relax, refresh and increase your body's resistance to stresses and thus protect yourself from the flu and improve circulation. All this can be combined with SPA-treatment and massages.

Do not forget about walking trips: alone or with a guide. A professional guide from Levitan museum will tell you about old Plyos houses, he will take you to the house where galoshes used to be made in the old days, the place where a local doctor or a summer visitor from Moscow used to live. As Plyos is a town-reserve on the banks of the Volga River, without any public transport, going for a walk is a pleasure for those who have already managed to forget about pedestrian’s life. These walks are additional to the winter program, that responds to the unusual topography of the town, where in addition to housing estates an extensive infrastructure exists: cafes, restaurants, tea Plyos’s temperance society, Fedor Shaliapin holiday theatre, some antique and food stores.

Rest on the Volga River in winter has been expanding its capabilities increasingly, the desire and time to spend it with your family appear there.